I'm Brette,

the owner and designer of Like Magic Studio. I'm a brand designer and I want to help you create brands that break the mold. 

Like Magic Studio was born out of a passion for creativity and an entrepreneurial spirit in 2019, when I first started crafting unique pins, patches, and art prints. Since then, I have taken the leap and turned my dream into a reality by making Like Magic Studio my full-time career. With a special focus on empowering women entrepreneurs, my expertise lies in helping them break through the barriers of conformity and stand out boldly from the crowd with my distinct artistic flair.

Unveiling the Magic:
A Look into the Crystal Ball of Like Magic Studio

Favorite book genre

thriller, murder mystery, self help (helloooo Brene Brown)

Currently watching

The office (for the 127th time)

Favorite quotes

“Everything you can imagine is real.” "And I swear, in that moment, we were infinite."

Something I collect

dried flowers and small glass vases

Topics I could talk about forever

aliens, the universe, the paranormal, true crime

Non-art hobbies

roller skating, hula hooping, cooking

We'll work great together if...

You have seen my work and love my style. I want to work with those who feel my style is right for their brand. 

You are looking for unconventional design and are ready to break the mold. Let’s make something different.

You see the value in my work and understand that good branding is an investment for your business.

Let's make magic together.


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